1.What is Santhaledisom.com  ?

Santhaledisom.com is a Santali website dedicated to promote Santal tribal language, culture, literature and traditions. This website facilitates you to explore the immense natural beauty of distinct culture and traditions translated into folk songs and dances which form the soul of Santal tribal community  where folklore, historical interest and legends are passed on from generation to generation. This Santali website also enables you to download Santali songs, videos, mp3, musics.

 2.Is listening/Downloading to songs on Santhaledisom.com completely free ?

Yes using Santhaledisom.com to listen and download Santali songs n videos are completely free we do not charge you for that. Website contains all the links to the songs which are free on Internet.

3.Can I share the content/article published on your website  ?

You can share, repost the articles published on our website but you must give proper credit to us. If do not, you violate the terms of usage of Ours website and  DMCA.

4.Is Internet Connection needed to use Santhaledisom.com ?

Yes, an Internet connection is needed to use Santhaledisom.com, our webpages are well optimized to be loaded easily on slower internet connection or mobile.


  1. much appreciate but songs are not so clearing if songs bit-rate minimum 128 kbps or max 320 kbps it would be worth anyway i specially thanks to Mr singrai soren . thank you