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Last Updated: 07 AUG 2020
Santali Video Song - Futani Chatki

Popular Santali Video Songs in July 2020

The popular santali albums and songs this year so far.

Kunkanyinaj Gida Re, Lailamuni 2 and Laila Muni are probably the most watched videos.

Kunkanyinaj Gida Re is sung by Vimal Kr. Saha, and the video features Deepak Tudu and Nitu Hembram. It is produced by Bhola Swarthi and directed by Basant Deewana.

Lailamuni2 and Laila Muni, both the songs are sung by Dhani Marandi and Stephen Tudu and both the video features Eliyas Mandi and Liza Tudu and is directed by Agustein Hansdak. Lyrics of Lailamuni 2 and Laila Muni is written by Birendra Hembrom (Biru). Lailamuni 2 is produced by Birendra Hembrom and Laila Muni is produced by Eliyas Mandi.

Juri Tin Do is produced by Pankaj Murmu. The song is sung by Stephen Tudu and Munna Hembrom and the video features Pankaj Murmu and Kriti Sona, child artist Gladsan Hembrom and Alina Hembrom, directed by Munna Hembrom. Munna Hembrom wrote the lyrics of the song.

Sur Surem Suyulnaja is from the album Jiwi Juri Dular Gaate. It is produced by G.C. Beshra and directed by Durga Charan Murmu. The song is sung by DP Hembram and Saro. DP Hembram also wrote the lyrics of the song. Music of the song by Dilip and Bhalu. The video features Raju Raj and Sangita and is choreographed by Kanhaiya Hansdah.

Santali Song Collections

We have collected santali video songs and made updates of those songs. You can easily check all the updates. The updates of July has been done.

The collections include list of popular dong serenj and popular songs by Kalpana Hansda, and also includes new updates of santali songs.

Santali songs are updated every week.


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[ LATEST ] Santali Song - Videos

Santali Video Collections

We have collected many popular santali video songs and listed them here. This list currently contains 30 video songs from various singers and featuring many artists. Songs are by Stephen Tudu and many other singers.

This list contains video songs that are popular this month and also video songs that are popular this year. We have also included those which are the most popular.

The most popular song in this list is Kunkayinaj Gida Re with more than 21 million view count, Lailamuni 2 by Stephen Tudu and Dhani Marandi has more than 20 million view count on Youtube. Next is Laila Muni having more than 17 million view count on Youtube. Stephen Tudu and Dhani Marandi are the singers of both the songs.

List of some of the popular videos online:

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