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Books in Santhali

List of Different books.

Sahitya Akademi

List of awardees in Sahitya Akademi.


Exam Syllabus in Santhali

Details of exam syllabus in Santhali.


Posts related to culture.

Movies / Albums

All Santali Songs and Albums

This contains list of all santali songs and albums from various singers. There are collection of many santali albums and songs.

Popular Santali Songs and Albums

We have collected popular santali video songs and made a collection. We have made a collection of popular santali video songs by various singers and featuring various artists.

RASCA Cine Awards

About RASCA(Pandit Raghunath Murmu Academy of Santali Cinema and Art).

RASCA Cine Awards - 2008

About RASCA Cine Awards held in XLRI Auditorium, Jamshedpur in 2008.

RASCA Cine Awards - 2011

About RASCA Cine Awards held in Michael John Auditorium, Bistupur, Jamshedpur in 2011.

RASCA Cine Awards - 2012

About RASCA Cine Awards held in Birsa Munda Town Hall, Sidhgora, Jamshedpur in 2012.

RASCA Cine Awards - 2013

About RASCA Cine Awards held in XLRI Auditorium, Jamshedpur in 2013.

RASCA Cine Awards - 2014

About RASCA Cine Awards held in Sidhgora Town Hall, Jamshedpur in 2014.


Ol Chiki Fonts

Downloads of different Ol Chiki Fonts.

Additional Resources

Additional links that you might find useful.

BISFF - Baripada Indigenous Short Film Festival

ASECA - All India Adivasi Socio Educational & Cultural Association

Pyara Kerketta Foundation


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