About Us

Santhaledisom.com is an Online Publisher of contents related to Santhals. This website was started in 2014 with the soul aim of upbringing contents related to Tradition, Culture, Customs and Literature of Santhal Community by collecting and documenting them in form of our researches and writings, and publishing them on Internet . At present, the website is the largest knowledgebase of Santhal Community available on Internet having more than 100+ Articles, 1000+ Santhali Songs.

Santhaledisom.com is part of  ‘E-disom Technology Research & Development’ an organisation which is dedicated to explore the ongoing difficulties in Santali Community ,  finding solution for them by developing different technologies to get through the problem . In 2014, we felt the need of having a good Santhali website about Santhal where one could get to know about Tradition and Culture of Santhali Community . We took this initiative and started working on this, It later brought a big change about ‘How Outside World thinks about Santhal’ . Soon after, website started getting traffic. And now serves as the medium to communicate and knowing Santhals in more better way .

Whether be it the  history of struggle of Santhals or information about their Culture, they all have in mostly neglected, manipulated way , thus we  try to document them all in one place at our website.

We’re team of four member all are specialized in their skill ranging from Software development , Web development, Content Writing and Graphic Designing  . Currently, we’re involved in various activities which we will soon be showcase .

Our previous work includes : Development of this website, Developing 1st E-learning platform for Santhali Language, Design and development of Ol chiki fonts .
With extremely limited resource , We’re still committed to work serving on what community needs most .

Our role is to assist the preservation and promotion of the most enriched tribe in India.

Santhaledisom.com is a representative of all the ongoing efforts to spur it up.