Thursday, 24 May 2018

Santali Folk Dances | Songs

Santal always express their feelings in movement, and dancing is the oldest forms of emotional expressions. For them, singing and dancing is also a means of the crisis of life  or enjoying the togetherness, encouraging the crops, healing the sick soul and body. Behind many ritual dances, there is belief that it is through the dance that they speaks directly to their Bongas and Ancestors , it is the way to thank their creator and ancestors for taking care of this nature as means of life.
Respective to all Tribals in this world, Santals too show a lot of variation in movements, but anti-clock circular movement is very common in them. Anti-clock circular movement associate with the movement of  Sun, Moon, Clouds, wind, Stars around Earth. It shows that how much they are connected with nature.

In Santali, there are various forms of folk dance and songs which they celebrate in different occasion. Their songs are accompanied by the dance and music which tells a story, set mood, expresses emotions.

This article is an attempt to provide all information about them, followings are the various type of songs and dances below: -

1.Baha Folk Dance and Song .

‘Baha’ in Santali means flower. Baha is one of the main festival of santals. After the harsh winter when the spring season arrives, trees starts getting laden with flowers, bees starts buzzing from one tree to another and the atmosphere is filled with chippings of birds.To celebrate this beautiful transformation in nature Baha festival is celebrated.This is the time when Sal tree....Read More..

2.Langde Folk Dance and Song.

The word 'Lagne means ' Langa Lagay Renang ane’ i.e. Medicine to overcome the tiredness. Lagne dance is performed in the akhra. The Santals are very aborious people irrespective of sex. Generally, agriculture is their main occupation. Both male and female spend most of their day time in the field. So in the evening some amusement is required for them for relaxing the whole day’s tire. And they do it by singing and danceing... Read More..