Tunki Dipil : Type of Santhal Marriage

Tunki means ‘small basket’ while ‘Dipil’ means ‘bearing’, therefore Tunkidipil means- ‘Bearing a small basket on head’ i.e. “A less expensive marriage which is easy to afford”. So this type of marriage is performed in when family wish to take up the marriage in less expensive way and less rituals.
This is also negotiable marriage. Though it is settle stage wise like that of Sange Bariyat and Duar Bapla, The expenditure on each stage is curtailed very much, like number visitors during AhreBahre and Arah Duar nel becomes limited and no feast is arranged for them. There is no concession for bride price and brother due as it is same for all type of marriage. On the following day, five to seven bariyats go to bride’s village. They meet the Majhi and then Majhi along with the two village officials guide the bariyats to bride house where they are welcome and they handed over the ‘Gonom’ to bride’s parent. The bariyats are pleased with good meal. Then they come back with the bride and sindurdan ceremony is performed afterwards. Villagers enjoy the dong dance with pleasure and cheers.