Santal Salutation

Salutation is one kind of noble art of showing human behavior like ‘Hand-shake’ or Doing Hats-off. The santali term of salutation is God-Johar. Actual meaning of Johar is fruitful (begging of blessing for success) that is why in santali society Johar is mainly performed to show respect to the superiors or to the God and Goddess to get blessing from them. Santals don’t salute here and there on the road side, they do so when somebody or relative or guest comes to their home. There are several types of salutation s in the society. Only a few of them are narrated below.


Choh Johar is a kind of greeting shown by the elders towards younger ones. Choh Johar is different for men and women. When a women perform chohjohar she touchs chin of the kid with both her hands and then pull it towards itself with the sound of kiss. This gesture shows that she is taking away all the miseries of the kid.
When a men does Choh Johar he brings his right hand over his younger ones head and then take it back to its own head. This is a way of taking away all his sorrows.

This type of Johar is shown by the juniors to seniors or superior with respect to age and relationship. The way of salutation is quite different from one sex to another. When a boy salutes to his senior or superior, he stands infront of him and then bows down his head with his folded hand, but a girl sits in front of the superior and bows down her head with the touching of feet with her joint palms followed by a pan full of water for washing.


BALA JOHAR is a special type of johar (greeting) done by parents and relatives of bride and bridegroom. Style of doing balajohar by mens is different from that of womens. When it is done by mens they stand facing each other holding each others hand. Right hand is held by left and vice versa. Then they gently collide there chests five times in different angles. When it is done by womens they bend a little and hold each others hand and gently collide there heads five times. This johar is done when the relatives of bride and bridegroom meets.