Rinjha Dance and Song

‘Karam Bonga’ is believed to be the God of wealth in Sanal society. He is worshiped in the month of September i.e. during the period when paddy plants get maturity to give out the ears. During the time of worship, the santals both male and female dance round the God in order to make him pleased so that God will bless every family of the village to be capable enough to give in credit something to somebody. The word Rinja says so . So the dance is known as Rinja dance. This dance is one kind of sacred dance. So,  male and female dance separately in the same platform. While dancing they sing different kinds of praising songs of Karam Bonga. These songs are known as Rinja songs.
Rinja dance and songs are forbidden in other times.

Manag dobon er ke-a
iri ar gunduli,
Ina tayambon er ke-a
 hulu ar kada,
Ina tayam bon er ke- a
Janara ar Ghangra,
Ina tayam bon er ke-a
Dahire rambara
Ashar banga muluk en
Badre hulu dareen Bad baihar balge hariar en
Dua rebon bati
 Seba yabon dharam

Theme :-
We ( the santal people ) first sow cereal like Eri and gunduli, then paddy and Millet, then Maize and Barbati and then Black gram in the field. As soon as rain sets in, all the food grains including grown paddy well and the field becomes green. Let us welcome and worship the God of wealth by lighting the each door with light.

Other traditional dance forms of santals.

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