Paata Dance and Song

PAATA is also one of the famous dances in the santal society. It is like a regional meet of santals, because all other dances of society are held inside the village premises under the supervision of village level official like jogmajhi, but this dance is held outside the village under the supervision of Pargana (Regional head).
The PAATA dance is held once in a year in a region and a good number of male and female of different villages take part in the dance.
The word 'PAATA' has been derived from the word pante, means line by line. Both male and female dance hand in hand in line by line as one line is not at all sufficient to accommodate all the participants of a region and so numbers of lines are made one after another for the convenience of dance. In a Akhra minimum four to five such lines are made where each line can accommodate maximum fifty participants. In a field the number of such type of Akhra becomes not less than four . In day time the number becomes less but at night times it becomes many fold.
Kulhi kulhi Jate chhilo.
Jhinga nari pasi lagilogo
Jhinga nari guchate ghuchate
Sisu chhanda hate dharilogo.

While walking through the village, I ( young girl) get puzzled in a creeper. While trying to get rid of the puzzle, a young boy reached there and caught hold of me.
Most of the PAATA songs are composed in mixed language i.e santali and Bengali. This shows that the PAATA dance is a recent origin. It has no deep root in the society. So its importance in the society is going down and down. Now a days in most of the regions the PAATA (lance is totally abandoned.

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