Langde Dance and Song

Every Santal village has a specific common ground or location  called ‘Akhra’ where villagers,
gather where they dance together and where common social activity like discussion, singing are done
Lagne dance is performed in the akhra. The word 'Lagne means ' Langa Lagay Renang ane’ i.e. Medicine to overcome the tiredness. The Santals are very aborious people irrespective of sex. Generally, agriculture is their main occupation. Both male and female spend most of their day time in the field. So in the evening some amusement is required for them for relaxing the whole day’s tire. And they do it by singing and dancing. Meanwhile they also have their drink ‘Ricebeer’ ‘Handi’ for little hangover.

When there is no specific reason to dance and sing , like other festivals have. Langne is meant for that
So it has no season. It can be performed at any day whenever it is felt to celebrate.
Generally, Lagne dance is performed at night after the dinner . Both male and female take part in the dance. The percentage of young participants is more than the other .

Lagne dance is not at all a laborious dance. So to say., it is a light dance. The movement of legs along with the body rhythmically is the main feature of the dance. So the word " Lagne" is asumed to have been derived from the word legem' means slowly and rhythimically . The pitch of the songs is also very light. In this way, this is how they cheers the tiredness and then get to sleep and next day with new energy they get to work on their daily life.

Noa jibon rasi jobn
Noa joban ado bam nama
Enej jong me sereng jong me
Raska jong me
Noa jiboan ado bam nama

The life is full of pleasure. Once it goes out, cannot come back again. So dance,sing and be happy

Other traditional dance forms of santals.

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