Kondel Napam

As a tribal, freedom is the born instinct of Santal, this is how they have made their society a society where male and female are benefitted with equal rights. Even in modern civilization we still talk about equal rights and still in whole world, fight for freedom, fight for expression and issue of equal right is still fought on. Instead, Santal boys and girls have full liberty to experience such things like talking, dancing, gathering in any festive occasion. Beside this liberty, they have responsibility to take care of limits that no boy or girl should molest or tease each other in any manner. They may have fun, but they have to take care of limits and comforts of each other.

If a boy and girl are found missing together for a night from family or group, and next day they are found together, few questions are asked to them about their relationship and being missing . If they accept their love relationship, they may be declared as husband and wife. And later on their marriage is fixed. This type marriage where couples are found missing together or found indulged in physical relationship
Is called ‘Kondel Napam’ which means marriage by ‘Intercourse’.

This is also a kind of love marriage where boys and girls get away from home, for few days they live together. And later when everybody comes to know about it, inspite of the disagree of parents for their relationship the village officials ask boy and girl if they admit their relationship and want to spend their whole life together then they are declared as husband and wife.

‘Kondel Napam’ manages to play an important role in the free society such like Santals. It is kind of moral potential force which safeguard the rights and moral character of girl that no boy can get away from her or leave her after physical relationship.

‘Chhadui’ a kind of ‘divorce’ between unmarried couple, actually when a girl is abonded by her boyfriend.
The word chhadui is derived from the word chhada or chhudai which means to be away from woman folk. This is called 'Ganade ,n:ram' or crossing the thresh hold of the door. This is treated as a major misconduct of female which is equal to divorced woman.

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