Itut Bapla

From ancient, Santal society has belief of considering sindur as Bonga Baha i.e flower of God and Goddess. Marriage rituals in Santal is finished in ‘Sindurdan’ so the use of Sindur is very sacred and important to them. It can be said that using of Sindur is a sacred way to transform an ordinary woman to a Godly woman after which she finds a place in the society as true woman ready to take responsibilities of her family. Sindur on her head is signifies his dignity. Divorcee women and widow don’t get sindur on their head.

So as per the Santals, one gets to get married once in a lifetime, even though under some circumstances second marriage is also allowed but women don’t get sindur on her head. Therefore importance of Sindur is never ignored in Santal society.

Interestingly, If a boy puts sindur on a girl's forehead privately or publicly ,it is also granted as marriage. But it involves the consent from both side. It is a punishable offence in Santal society If a boy is found to put sindur on girl’s head forcefully or against her will.
When marriage between a couple doesn’t seem to be possible due to reluctance of their parents and even if both girl and boy decide to marry each other and so boy puts Sindur in girl’s head privately or publicly, the Santals accept them as a married couple joyfully. And further, village officials convince their parents to accept them and celebrate their new life long relationship with joy and dance. This whole thing in Santal is known as ‘Itut Marriage’.

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