Hariar Festival

The meaning of ‘Hariar’ in Santali is ‘Green’. This festival is observed when the mother earth is covered with green crops in the cornfield, green grass in the grazing field and green leaves in the hill top, the Santal people observe their 'Hariar Festival'. This is observed on account of paddy plantation. On the festive day, during the worship Santal asks for blessing and healthy successful crop.
This festival falls in the month of Ashar (July).Hariar festival is also known as ‘Ashariya festival’in some part of the Santal.
With the consultation of villagers and village officials Manjhi has to do decide the festive day.On this day Naike worship Jaher Ayo, Lita Gosain Maneka Turuika in the Jaher Garh and offer them the fowls. While offering, the Naike invokes as "Here by small fowl and broken rice that we are offering you on account of Harior festival, should be accepted gladly. There should be good rain so that paddy field will be flooded with water. From one shoot let twelve shoots come out. Harmful insects, scorpion, snakes that live in the field should be driven out. There should be no ache of belly or headache to any individual during the plantation. There should be no danger to cows, caves and oxen while roaming in the forest" . Kudam Naike peforms his Bul Mayam ceremony for Simasaley Bonga. After-the village feast is over, all along with Naike come back to the village. In the evening people worship Hapram Bangaka at their respective home by offering them the rice beer. The rest of the beer is enjoyed by all the members of the family, At night Lagne dance is performed by young boys and girls under the supervision of Jagmanjhi.

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