Hadam Bariyat : Type of Santal Marriage

Unlike Sange bariyat marriage, Hadam Bariyat is about the participation of limited numbers of bariyat.  Marriage as one of the most important social institution in Human life which binds two opposite sex with tie of husband and wife which brings an occasion to celebrate and cheers their life long journey that they are going to have, so it becomes
Though in Santals, marriage is not just limited between two families, instead it forms a relation between two villages. To enjoy this grand ceremony, all the villagers participate to be Bariyat. As a result of which the cost of the marriage becomes more. 
                                                                         But what happens in Hadam Bariyat the number of people taking participation in bariyat is reduced to very low. This kind of marriage takes place between two family who can’t afford ‘Sange  Bariyat Marriage’ Since this decision is taken by the ‘Hadam’ or senior family members to maintain the less expenditure on marriage, only a few members of the family take part in bariyat to go to the bride’s village. They begin the journey in such time that they arrive at bride’s village towards evening. So to avoid the lunch as an expenditure on fooding.
The bariyats go straight to Majhi’s residence. Majhi with his officials welcomes them all and enquire about their inconvenience if any, during their journey. If the answer is positive then everybody becomes happy. Then the bariyats are guided to bride’s house by the village officials. Gonom (bride price) is handed over to brides parent. Then the bariyats are pleased with good dinner. At about midnight the bariyats returned back to bridegroom village along with the bride. The next morning when bariyat and bridegroom get back to home ‘Sindurdan’ ceremony is performed. Then dance and music start. All the villagers from young to old participate in the dance.

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