Duar Bapla or Dol Bapla: Type of Santhal Marraige


Like Sange Bariyat , Duar Bapla is also a topmost, prestigious and costly marriage in the society. So it is seen only in rich family. According to the system of this marriage, bride groom along with the bariyats including male and female go to bride's village with all sorts of drums. There, the villagers receive them with pleasure and place them in a suitable place like mango
groves just outside the village. After while the village officials come to them and enquire about their inconvenience If any, during their journey. If the answer is positive, everybody becomes happy. Then song starts from both the sides and nearby sky becomes full of joy. Young boys and girls of the village with different drums like tumdah. tamak and chad chadi come to the bariyats to welcome them and guide them in to the village. While guiding, drumming and song competition are held on the road. Young boys of both side drum their drumming instruments with different pause and pasture and young girls sing different kind of dong songs to have a win over the other. Within the sphere of competition, the marriage procession proceeds up to the resting room. This is called " daram dah ". Some times daramdah competition becomes so high that the nearby sky and birds become restless. At the dawn, Sindurdan ceremony is performed in front of bride's house. Then the bride and bride groom are taken inside the home and a joint meal is served to them. Morning breakfast and mid day lunch of the bariyats are taken care of by the villagers. But the expenditure is borne by the bride groom parents only.
In this marriage, no Binty or Bariyat sereng heprao is held. Only the dance competition is performed in the afternoon. Both the party dance separately with great pleasure . Young boy’s and girl’s of near by villages come in great number to participate in the dance and women with babies to enjoy the same. Thus in a dance minimum gathering becomes not less than three thousand.
In the evening Gidichumauna ceremony is performed in the courtyard. All the relatives of britie side bless the couple and offer them some gift according to their might. At about midnight the bariyats along with the bride and bridegroom are bid farewell by the villagers.

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