Dahar Dance and Song

Dahar dance as its name indicates is a dance form which is performed on the road(dahar). This dance is performed from the month of Magh and ends with baha celebration in the month of fagun.

There is a tale associated with the origin of this dance, which says ‘ There was a time when santal tribes were busy in fighting with other races for their survival. To conduct raids santal fighters were used to be away from villages and during that time security of the villages were in the hands of womens. During day time it was easy to be vigilant but at night it was hard to be vigilant. Sometimes it used to get boring so to pass time and remain awakewomens used to dance and sing songs at the road side. So this way Dahar dance and song came into existence. This dance is performed by women only without any musical instrument.

Dahar song

Otma kurum hurum hale serma barang barang)
2. SarjarnSaha ho Matkamgele,
MulukBonga ho BahaBonga,
Hisid Hoy ho sandhan hoy,
JiwiNawain ho Harmaynawai,
Ant disharn ho HesejSekej,
JiwiHarmo ho legejlegej.

Other traditional dance forms of santals.

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