Men is a social animal and lives in a society. Living in a group or society makes their survival easier. Unlike many societysantal villages are not found besides river banks. Villages are settled mostly at the foothills, because forests provides all the necacities that santal people need for their survival. Santal people extensively depends on nearby forest from firewood to woods for building house. Although they are dependent on forest for everything they do not destroy forests. Sustainable use of resources should be learnt from them. Binty says “once santals were called Kherwal, because they were hunters and living on hunting just like kherwal bird which has a very strong wings.
Santals are shy in nature and mostly stays away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Since all the people have their own lands, farming is their main occupation and prefers staying in villages, but now people are changing and slowly migrating towards cities. In the village santalpeope live in mud houses which is neatly maintained and colored with different colours which is obtained from soil. Although santals were once hunters they treat animals with kindness. Santals have different clans or sept and with every clan one animal or bird is associated and that animal is protected by that particular clan.
1. Hanshansly (swan) are the totem of Hansda, so hansda people don’t kill hanshansly bird.
2. One type of deer called Murum is a totem of Murmu clan so they neither kill nor take its meat.
Santals are nature worshippers. Their place of worship is called Jaherthan. It is a open area with lots of Sal trees. Santals do not have traditions of confining their god in a room so they worship in open under Sal tree. Behaviour and traditions of Santals are such that they help in preserving nature. They take from nature only what they need which help in maintaining ecological balance.