Baha Dance and Song

‘Baha’ in Santali means flower. Baha is one of the main festival of santals. After the harsh winter when the spring season arrives, trees starts getting laden with flowers, bees starts buzzing from one tree to another and the atmosphere is filled with chipirings of birds. To celebrate this beautiful transformation in nature Baha festival is celebrated. This is the time when sal tree also starts bearing flowers. Sal trees are considered sacred by the santal community.
Baha festival is celebrated inside the premises of Jaherthan where men and women dances separately in tunes of ‘Tamak’ and ‘Tundah’. Bahasereng(song) is also sung in the praise of almighty during the festival. Sal flowers are first offered to the almighty and then distributed among the people.

Baha Song

Jai GosainTeherjdoNaikedoy
Num kana do
Jai GosainTehejdoNaikedoy
Nalkah kana ho
Ketetedoynalkah kana
SekejSekejsade kana ho
Ruileyruileyruiley kana
TokaGhatyredoynalkah kana ho
Num kana ho
Jai gosainmeralghatyredoy
Nalkahhosor ho
Sekejsekejsade kana ho
Ruileyruileyruiley kana

This song is about the purificatory bath that the Naike(village priest) takes on the first day of the festival.
Todaynaike is taking his holy bath, he is cleaning his body with milk on the banks of Soso river.
He is cleaning his head with curd in the Meralghat
While taking bath in the water a fine whirling sound is produced on the surface of the water which is then carried along across the ghat with fine breeze.

Other traditional dance forms of santals.

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