Atu Mone Hor | Godet

It is a assembly of five men . Generally experienced and old man of the village adourn the seat of Mone hor, but they are not the fixed persons. in a meeting any five among the presentee can be taken as a mone hor. Majhi, the village head always takes the opinion of Atu Mone hor before administering the verdict. So it plays a very important role .

The word Godet is derived from the word ‘Goad’ which means to bow down the head. So godet is person who always carries out the message of Majhi. He acts as the Majhi's messenger. He calls the villagers at his call.  Besides this, he collect sacrificial fowls for bonga and rice, salt turmeric for village feast and helps Jogmajhi in social function like marriage birthday and funeral day.
Godet has also no such remuneration. One bundle of paddy from each family in a year is offered to him as a gift. But the respect shown by the villagers is his true remuneration.

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