Ahre Bahre Nel : Santhal Marriage

AHRE BAHRE NEL(Outward Inspection)

This “Ahre Bahre Nel” is a duty of girls party. Before going to deep in to the settlement of marriage, girl’s parents want to have some idea about the status of the family, hereditary disease if any, health and physique of the boy. These are the main factor which the Santal people consider most and are very difficult to know from the man and family concerned. In order to know the above, girl’s father, uncle and other superiors of the family, go the near by haat of the boy’s village with the raibar and while coming back they come through that village and see the boy’s house.
External view of the house is sufficient to guess the status of the family.To have more information regarding their family background, they meet Jog Manjhi, their relatives if any are in that village. Thus they collect information, outwardly regarding their family. This is called Ahre Bahre nel or outward inspection.