Sansang Beda: The Valley of Santal Civilisation

There is a very common song in Santals that:
Aba manmika santal manmika
Hihiri Pipiri Janam lena
Khoj Kaman reban khoj lenaho
Sasang beda reban jati lena

The meaning of song as follows-
We the people took the birth in Hihiri Pipiri
And grew in Harata forest
We were tought a lesson in khoj Kaman
We were devided in sept(group) in sasang beda.

So, Sasang Beda being a sacred place in the history of Santal is an important historical place to them. The word “Sasnat” which means civilization is derived from the name Sasang, where the Santali civilization had taken place long ago.

Santal people observed a great change themselves while living in Sasang Beda:
To keep the human relationship in track for all times to come they were divided in to twelve groups i.e. Sept or Clan such as 1. Hansda 2. Murmu 3. Hembrom 4.Tudu 5. Soren 6.Baskey 7.Beshra 8. Kisku 9. Mardi 10. Chone 11. Dankar 12. Gandwar

Each group was treated as one family and who ever hailed in that family were treated as brother and sister and the marriage among them was restricted. Thus the human relationship arising out of marriage became systematic and holy one.

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