Pir Pargana | Pir Dihiri

Pir Pargana :

When 50-60 villages consists together a ‘Pir’ is formed, it is upper unit of group of village. Pargana is the head of pir. This is why he is called as Pir Pargana. He is a elected personnel of the pir. He is elected by the majhi of the belonging villages , once in every five years.
He is a adminstrative head of the pir. Undecided village level disputes, disputes among the villagers of different villages , Public grievances on drastic social offence , are brought to the notice to the pir pargana and pargana decides the case with the consultation of majhi of other villages. The accused are punished. Pir Pargana is vested with the power to impose only monetary punishment on the accused.
Pargana has no such salary. Sometime he gets some portion of the money collected as punishment from the accused as  to bear few expenses of his and the rest is divided among the manjhi and villager . The  money is very less in comparison to his service. The honor he receives from the public as Pir Pargana is the only pride of his service. He too lives common life like other villagers.

Pir Dihiri :

Dihiri is nominated person of the ‘Pir’. He is responsible for the welfare of the people living in the ‘Pir’. He worships God and Goddess of local hills who seem to be responsible for causing rain and warding off the epidemic.  He has to responsibility to act as priest during Jantal Festival.
Dihiri has no such remuneration. Only in the eve of festive occasions, he and his family members collect rice, salt, oil, vegetable from the villagers as festive food.

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