Hor Dhorom : How religion to Santal is different

The name of the religion of santals is SARNA. No Binty or folk lore says about the founder of the religion or the actual time periods of its origin. But the rites, rituals, formalities handed down from ancestor to ancestors over the ages in the name of religion which give some clear indication that the Sarnaism is very  old religion of the world and older than the other religions of India.

When did the conception of religion came to mankind is very difficult to say but some idea about its etiology, we may have, if we analyze the meaning of Dhorom which is Santali term of religion. The word Dhorom originates from the words DOHA and URUM. Doha means”Duh daha reyah har” i.e. the path of self protection and urum means to recognize or understand. So the religion as per the santal is well recognized experimented path through which one can achieve self protection or self purification. If this be the meaning of dharma. One can say that the conception of dharma i.e. religion to mankind is as old as man himself. It is revealed from Darwin theory of evolution of human being either the fact that every creature on this earth has to struggle hard with the other for its existence and so the human.

History says “when man took his origin in this earth there was thick forest around him and in the forest there were different kinds of animals,nmany of whom were far more superior to man in shape, size and strength. But man was able to subdue them all and befitted the condition of his survival. This was possible only when man came to know how to protect himself. In order to do so, man chose the cave, a confined place (now home) as his shelter and se fire in front of the cave by which he was able to save himself from the attack of other animals and then he attacked them according to his convenience. He used the different weapons in different time as the attacking device. First, he used the weapon made of stone, then the weapon made of wood (bow and arrow) and  then weapon made of metal (axe, showed). With these weapon the man was able to attack the animals safely and successfully. Thus the man was able to establish his existence the means of self protection was the first and foremost device.
So, as per the santals Dhorom (religion) is first and foremost essential part of life. So to say it is a part and parcel of life without which no existence of life can be dreamt of. So Sarnaism is no doubt as old as man himself. This is as per the analysis  of the word Dhorom. If we analyse the meaning of Sarna itself, we may also come to the same conclusion. The word Sarna means forest. So the association of man with the forest is as old as man himself.