Disom Level Administration


Disom is the top most unit embracing 5 to 10 pirs. Desh Pargana is the head of Disom. He is also elected personnel and elected by the Pir Parganas once in every five years. The cases of disputes which are not decided in Pir level are brought to the notice of desh Pargana and Pargana decides the cases with the consultation of Pir Parganas and Manjhi.
Desh pargana is vested with the power to impose upon the accused both physical and monetary punishment and in case of drastic social offence like bitlaha. (Woman having sexual relationship with other caste. ) the accused is banished from the society. Desh Pargana has got a power to nominate some more parganas who can assist him in maintenance of law and order in the Disom. They are called as Ghat pargana. The word ghat comes from the word ghaty. which means danger place. In the Disom there are some ghats where huge gathering of people takes place every year. In such places , there is a possibility of breach of law and order. The duties of Ghat Parganas are to maintain the law and order in the ghats. Among the Ghats, one is river ghat where immersion of bone flower of deceased take place every year in the month of January and another ghat is the place where Jatra Patta ( dancing festival) takes place for days together. For one ghat there is one pargana . He makes a temporary office in the ghat during the occasion. This office acts as a Mobile Court .
Pargana has got power to punish a man immediately if he is found to be guilty in the occasion. He has also power to debar a person from immersion of bone flower of his kid and kin if his village panchait brings some allegation against him.
Desh pargana has no such remuneration. He gets some percentage of money collected as punishment from the accused and the rest is divided among the pargana and public.

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