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Santal Festivals | Where People bring joy to Nature.

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Santal Warriors : Brief History

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Self-Rule | Santal Community

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Santali Folk Dances | Songs

Santhal Greeting,Etiquette and Words of Welcome

Jantal Festival

Hariar Festival

Magh Festival

Paata Dance and Song

Dantha Dance and Song

Rinjha Dance and Song

Dahar Dance and Song

Baha Dance and Song

Dong Dance and Song

Langde Dance and Song

Itut Bapla

Sangha Bapla

Kondel Napam

Gardi Jawai : The One where boy stays at bride's house .

Tunki Dipil : Type of Santhal Marriage

Hadam Bariyat : Type of Santal Marriage

Duar Bapla or Dol Bapla: Type of Santhal Marraige

Ahre Bahre Nel : Santhal Marriage

Raibar : The Most Important One in Santhal Marriage

Atu Mone Hor | Godet

Naike : Village Priest | Santal


Majhi : Village Headman | Santhal