Gulgudhiri- Bahatulam | Santal Folk Tale

Gulgudhiri –Bahatulam Narration

This narration is very often heard in the form of
Ogama dareya Tala re
Gulgu dhiri chape ena
Baha tulam unum enaho

Gulgu dhiri chetanre
Siram karam dar ena
Siram karam dare chetanre
Hans hansly chene babago
Chene baba kin tuka keda ho

The meaning of the poem as follows:-

In fathomless sea water, solid stone float and the foam sank in to  -2 Siram (a grass) karam(tree)_ grew up on the stoen. Hans hansily bird mad ethe nest on the karam tree. The bird laid two eggs there, and from the eggs twqo human bien came out.

This song of Binty gieves a connection of santals regarding the creation of earth i.e. land and evolution of human being deep sea with fathomless water all around. All of a sudden, a solid stone . i.e rocky mountain came up from the deep sea in that mountain different type of grass and trees grew up. Siram was such type of grass and Karam was a tree.  Thus the rocky mountain in course of birds took place. Hans and Hansly were such type of birds, the birds whey they grew up mad a nest on the karam tree with siram grass and laid two eggs there. After some days tow human being came out from the eggs i.e. the evolution of human being took place on this earth.
The two human being in later stage were known as Plichu hadam and pilchu budhi. The word pilchu comes from the word  ‘Pil’ which means the specimen capable for reproduction.