Dadi Kunj da - Aam tangi re Santali album 2015

Description : Dadi kunj da is the 4th song from album aam tangi re santali album.The album comprises various songs in different genre. Dadi Kunj da rema is some kind of traditional songs. We've tried to give you brief intro to this album and song such information like Composer, artist , choreographer, actor actress performing in this song. You can preview some images of this song that helps you to decide whether the song is perfect for you or not . You can download and watch them online .

Santali album aam tangi re
Dadi Kunj da rema

Music :N/A
Song: Dadi Kunj da rema
Singer: Ratan Kumar
Lyrics: Ratan Kumar
Artist: Jagannath & Shalini
Choreography: Poran Hansda
Year of Production: 2015
Production House: Hoponbabu Production

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