Chhapol 2 - Santhali Album 2015, Santhali Songs 2015

Chhapol 2 released in 2015 and is a successive release of Chhapol Chhapol that was released in 2014. Chhapol Chhapol in itself became very popular among the youths. To bring that name to a notice, the dancing style(chhapol chhapol) appearing in the album has been adopted and put in practice by many participants that perform in various dance events.

Chhapol Chapol can be referred as the modified style to the traditional dance forms that includes various fancy steps. The album was made under the direction of Surendra Tudu and has 8 songs that covers singers like Kalpana Hansda, Sukhlal Soren and others.

Chapol 2 is a Santali album  which was released in 2015, It was produced by Raj Video Production . This album was directed by renowned Santali artist Surendra Tudu who has done some songs in this album as well. There are 8 songs in this album. The songs in this album are semi-traditional, one who love to listen traditional songs with modern beats should listen the songs in this album. Choreography done is very nice as some Chapol dancers can be seen there dancing in background between song.

Writer : N/A
Music : N/A
Singer : Rainika, Gaadel, Sukhlal Soren,Lakhimuni,
Artist : Surendra, Rani, Kalpana, Kanhaiya, Malti,Sangita, Ritesh, Khushbu, Ranjit, Soni
Year of Publication : 2015
Publication Hosue : Raj Video.

  • A Sisu Mone Re
  • Bir Buru Re
  • Chait Baishak
  • Dular Oo
  • Hat Tola Rem
  • Khali Khali
  • Rasi Aatu
  • Tura Buru

The collection of the album's songs are also available on Youtube.