Teyang Kirinj Herem Ladu : Santali album 2015 | Review

Teyang Kirinj Herem Ladu Santali album cover

Teyang Kiring Herem Ladu is a Santali album which was released in 2015. It was produced by RNP Production associated with Sandy. This album is directed by Ram where Kanuram Murmu has given music to this album. There are 6 songs in this album which are contemporary songs. Songs in this album are very nice, specially title song of this album "Teyang Kirinj Herem Ladu" is most popular song from this album. We would like to recommend you to listen / download this album to your digital storage media. You can listen/download them by click on the songs you want .

Teyang Kirinj Herem Ladu Santali album 2nd Cover

Music : Kanhuram Murmu.
Artist : Rahla, Dipankar, Ram, Burulukui, Arman, Rasi
Year of Production : 2015
Production House : RNP Production.

  • Teyang Klring Herem Ladu
  • Jhipir Jhipir Dah A Jari
  • Tis Recho Nepal Pera
  • Seday Duinj Tahekan
  • Amem Ruya Tumda Tamak
  • Kiring Amainj Budi

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