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Dasae Dance
Festival of Grief in Santals | Dasae song | Dasae dance

Dasae consists of two words –Dak(rains) and Sae(over) .Which means the festival is celebrated after the rainy season(monsoon) is over. Dasae is festival of grief among Santals. There is a mythology story that tells when our ancestors fought with the Aryans or the Turuk as we used to name them,  always used to lose the battle. Aryans wanted to find out the reason as to why they lost the battle each time they fought with Santalas. Later, they discovered that it was because of two brave women warriors who also fought along with the others, and as a result, Aryans couldn’t beat them. Then Aryan planned a way how to  weaken the Santals in battle. They waited for the right opportunity and when it came, they kidnapped the two brave women warriors – Ayan and Kajal.

When Devi and Durga , two young brave men warriors got to know about this incident, they went out in their search. By then, the news of this incident had spread everywhere. To find out the  Ayan and Kajal, all the men and women were assigned special responsibilities. Since it was rainy season they could not carry out their plan effectively and hence could not find them.

When the monsoon was over, they again went out with their traditional weapon and started to look for them. Even women also used to carry out such tasks with other cooperating them. Taking lesson from this, the men started dress like women and adopted this disguise while searching Ayan and Kajal door to door  so that nobody could recognize them. They used women’s saris. 

For this very lesson the men folk going around for Dasae dance dresses like women.

This is how the story goes like, that these dancers under such disguise went from house to house

So the story goes that these dancers under such disguises went from house to house showing  their dance and  secretly peeped inside houses in hope of  finding out of any presence of Ayan and Kajal. During this the dance, the women while giving them grains as aims also used to tell them whether Ayan and Kajal were in the house or not. Santals used to have the Master and their disciple who also helped in the search and did their work in different areas wherever they were.

Dasai has many stories and songs too which relates to one thing, which seem to have similar but have different way of showing on the subject. Dasae song and dance are mainly accompanied by a stringed musical instrument called Bhuwang . The songs used to describe where  they had gone and why they had gone. The song describes the event in following words :

Hae re Hae re, Devi re, Durga do kin odong ena re,
Divi re chela do kin baher ena re.
Hae re Hae re, bela buta re kin odong ena re,
Aora tora re kin baher ena re,

Hae re Hae re , Chet lagit do kin odok ena re,
Chet lagit to kin baher ena re,

Hae re, Hae re, des darang  lagit do kin odok ena re,
Disom sangar lagit do kin baher ena re

Hae re, hae dini re durga do kin odok ena re,
Ayan-kajal do kin baher ena re.

Hae re, hae chet lagit do kin odok ena re ?
Chet lagit do kin baher ena re,

Hae re, hae ,des lagit do kin odok ena re,
Disom lagid do kin baher ena re.

Hae re, hae, oka disom te kin odok ena re ?
Toka disom te kin baher ena re ?

Hae re, hae, sunum sindur guru ho dese
Argoy me,
Khari- khunti ate disa abon me.

Hae re, hae, divi- durga do kin seter godok ma,
Ayan-kajal do kin upel godok ma.

Hae re, hae, dela se divi-durga, hoe leka te,
Dela se ayan kajal bardu leka te.

Hae re, hae, otang hijuk pe se serma saging khon,
Ghurlaw hijuk pe se serma patal khon.

To listen the Dasai song click here

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