Sakrat - Santali festival

Sakrat is celebrated by Santal Indigenous people in 14th/15th January.Sakrat is also known as “BarabareDin”. Haku Katom is celebrated one day before the Sakrat. This day is also known as  “HologHurg Mah”( HologHurg Day).In this day People eat Fish+Meat+ Jill Pith(Bread which is made of Rice Flour and Meat) etc. This day people use Mustard oil in Leg,Hand,Stomach etc. Early morning of Sakrat.

jil pitha sakrat
Jil pitha

first Manjhi Baba and Manjhi Gogo then villagers bath in Tupun Gat(Pond/River etc) and wear new cloth. All people bath before the Sun Rise. After that all people go to own home and worship of Bogas(God) and  Ancestors in Bitiri Orah(A Room in home where Sanatl worship). They take the name of ancestors Up to 3 generation. They give sacrifice of cock by hitting cock to his home Doorpost (चौखट).Then villagers go to forest for Hunting, which is called “Sindra”. After returning from Sindra villagers do the “Bejatunj ". They target the pole by arrow which is made of Banana Tree or Aradom, Tree. Behind this there is a story of King and Queen. Where Queen was represent the evil spirit. In the end, Queen was killed by arrow. So people Target the pole to kill the evil. According to Santal Indigenous people Sakrat is the "Last Day of The Year". Sakrat next day they start any new work. Because they believe that first day of the Nawa Serma(New Year) is Lucky day.

Jil pitha with gud pitha
Jil pitha with Gud pitha in Sarjom sakam(leaf)

Bejatunj :

Bejatunj is part of Sakat.Sakrat is celebrated by Santal Indigenous people in the month of January .In Bejatunj the Target object/Pole  is made by  1.Aradom(एराडोम) Tree-Santali Name, In Hindi Arandi आरंडी) or 2.Banana tree only. The tree is cutting by only unmarried boy. Target situated in East direction and people take enjoy from West direction. Top of the Target people keep” Sunum Pitha” ,A Santali Dish  which is made by Rice Flour.Then they worship the target pole. First Jogmanjhi Baba starts the Archery then common people enjoy it. Who win, He leaves an arrow toward sky and donates it to people and people target his arrow and enjoy the moment. Target pole is divided / cutting into three equal parts and every equal part is partially broken into two parts in 'V' letter shape. Winner sit on a villager's shoulder and go to Manjhi Than, the worship place of Santal. In some places it seen that if winner is elder person then in the place of winner a child enjoy the ride of shoulder. Target pole which is divided into three part respectively keep in Manjhi Than,Jog Manjhi's House Roof and Parnanik's house Roof. Then people enjoy the Lagre Dance.

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