Janthar Bonga

Santal people celebrates Janthar bonga when paddy get ripen, they worship to bongas and acknowledge their gratitude for helping them in good production of crops. Before bringing them to
the house they bring this to sacred ‘Sal’ tree and worship it then later it enables them to take those crop home. That same night, the Nayake(priest) happens to sleep on mate. On the worshipping day,the priest takes the ripen paddy to ‘Jaher than’ where Nayake, Kudam Nayake worship the Marang buru, Jaher Era, Dhorom gosai, Modeku turuyku. Sacrificial of Cock or pig is given and is cooked with cereal of rice and eaten by the villagers
Janthar bonga santal worships when paddy get ripen
Nayake while worshipping

and worshipers together.

Nobody reap or bring the paddy to the houses before the ‘Janthar bonga’ .

In this way Santals are dedicated to nature and they worship the nature-Bongas when they cultivate  crops they do ‘Erok bonga’ and as well as when it crops get ripen they do ‘Janthar Bonga’ .This is how they respect the nature and show their gratitude toward the nature.

Janthar bonga
Janthar bonga

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