Artistic Creativity of Santals | Culture | Tradition

Art is an integral part of Santal's life. Whether it be building houses, painting it or making bowl, plate out of ‘Sal’ leaf. With help of some braiding technique making brooms and mats. All these things are used in their daily life. The resources or things used in their art are mainly found in nature.  Their life style and culture is full of art.  The adaptation of artistic creativity in their life has come from nature and needs in their daily life and where some are generation by generation .


Their way of building the houses, thatching the roof, decorating the floor, carving the doors and painting the walls signify a lot about the artistic skills and creativity of Santals . 

Santal house building
Man and  woman while building wall of house, layer by layer technique
The houses in Santals are build of soil and no cement ,bricks are used .
First of all, soil is mixed up with the husk of rice so that no crack could come in wall. Mainly soil,bamboo,sal tree and grasses are used for building house. It is their natural technique that with no help of artificial things, only with natural resources the houses build by them can lasts for centuries.

Santal art, making of santal house
A look, after completion and furnishing of wall.
santal house
A look of almost completed house.

Santal house with some designing on its wall

Making of Bowl and Plate out of Sal leaves.

The 'Sal' tree in Santal has very significant role, they worship it, and use it while building houses. Another interesting and artistic use of Sal leaf is they make bowl and Plate out of it. 
With help of Seven leaf of Sal they joints it by shoot of grass or Neem ( Azadirachta indica ) and is called 'Paatada' in Santali. Bowl is called 'Fudu' .

Women while making plate out of Sal leaf. 

Completed look of Paatada consiting of seven Sal leaf.

Woman making broom out of grass. Protection Status