Thursday, 24 December 2015

Chhapol 2

Poster Image of Chhapol 2 Santhali Album

Chhapol 2 released in 2015 and is a successive release of Chhapol Chhapol that was released in 2014. Chhapol Chhapol in itself became very popular among the youths. To bring that name to a notice, the dancing style(chhapol chhapol) appearing in the album has been adopted and put in practice by many participants that perform in various dance events.

Chhapol Chapol can be referred as the modified style to the traditional dance forms that includes various fancy steps. The album was made under the direction of Surendra Tudu and has 8 songs that covers singers like Kalpana Hansda, Sukhlal Soren and others.

The collection of the album's songs are also available on Youtube.

Download Chapal Chapal - Santhali Album

Description : Chapal Chapal is a traditional music based Santali album released in 2011, this album finally became most popular santhali songs . All the songs containing in this album are very joyous and extremely liked by Santali's. Soon after releasing of this album the tradition dance become very popular and used to be danced in every joyous ceremony specially in Marriage .
This album brought new variation in santali programmes or events as "Chapol Chapol" took a new form of Santhali Dance Competition.

Hat Tola Rem - Chhapol 2

Khali Khali - Chhapol 2

Bir Buru Re - Chhapol 2

Tura Buru - Chhapol 2

Rasi Aatu - Chhapol 2

A Sisu Mone Re - Chhapol 2

Chait Baishak - Chhapol 2

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Kocha Baarge Kapur Mulin - Kalpana Hansda

Friday, 4 December 2015

Dangwa Mone - Karam Dar

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Rasi Basi Atu Re - A Na Mosla Baha

Dangua Mone - AISFA Jharkhand Cine Award 2012 - Jamshedpur

Monday, 30 November 2015

Barpada Kuri - AISFA Jharkhand Cine Award 2015 - Jamshedpur

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Download Santhali Songs - MP3 - Page - 32

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Hara Tora Mone - Monjibon

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Sari Sarna Sangat Pera Santali album

Sari Sarna Sangat Pera is a Santal album which was released in 2014. It was directed by Bubun Mardi.


Reema Sahini


Subhas,Kalpana Group

Jayanta, Kalpana Group


Amdo baha bagan tala re : Sari Sarna Sangat Pera

Amdo baha bagan tala re  is a santali song from album Sari sarna sangat pera.

Amdo Bagan Tala re Download:
Mp3 | Mp4

Song : Amdo Baha Bagantala
Artist : Bubun, Kalpana Group
Singer: Subhas, Kalpana

Lyrics: Kalpana,Jayanta

E Gulachi Sarige : Sari Sarna Sangat pera, Kalpana

E Gulachi Sarige is a santali song from album Sari Sarna Sangat Pera. Which was released in 2014

E Gulachi Sarige 
Mp3 | Mp4

Song : E Gulachi Sarige
Artist : Bubun,Kalpana
Singer : Kalpana, Jaydev

Lyric:  G.Murmu

Bangdore pan tegem | Kalpana : Sari Sarna Sangat Pera

Bangdore Pan tegem is a santali song from album Sari Sarna Sangat Pera.

Bangdore pan tegem
Mp3 | Mp4 

Song : Bangdore pan tegem
Artist: Subhas, Sumita
Singer: Jitkar, Srimati

Lyric : G.Murmu, Jayanta

Goyer Gamcha te : Sari Sarna Sangat Pera

Goyer Gamcha te do is a santali song from Sari Sarna Sangat Pera which was released in 2014.

Goyer Gamcha te do 
Mp3 | Mp4 

Song : Goyer Gamcha te dom
Artist : Jayanta, Kalpana, Group
Lyric : G.Murmu

Chehor behor ror landa : Sari Sarna Sangat Pera

Chehor Behor ror landa is a santali song from album Sari Sarna Sangat Pera.

Chehor behor ror landa download
Mp3 | Mp4

Song : Chehor Beor  Rorlanda
Artist : Lakhan Lakha, Konika
Singer: Jitkar , Sumita

Lyrics:  G.Murmu, Jayanta

Ere Gepe Laya Sangat | Kalpana Hansda : Sari Sarna Sangat Pera

Ere Gepe Laya Sangat is a santali song from album Sari Sarna Sangat Pera. Which was released in 2014.

                                                        Ere Gepe Laya Sangat download
                                                                        Mp3 | Mp4

Song : Aape Gepe Laiya Sangat
Artist : Subhas, Kalpana & Group
Singer : Kalpana

Lyrics: G. Murmu

Gangnai Girunai song | Kalpana Hansda: Sari Sarna Sangat Pera

Gangnai Girunai is a santali song from album Sari Sarna Sangat Pera which was released in 2014.

                                                        Gangnai Girunai song download
                                                                       Mp3 |  Mp4

Song : Gangnai Girunai
Singer : Kalpana
Artist : Reema

Lyrics : G. Murmu