Belboron Bonga

Belboron bonga is worshipped by Santals, according to ‘Santal Jom sim’ When human sin increased, The creator of this world made raining of fire  for 12 days and 12 nights to the  ‘Singbir’ and ‘Maanbir’ (Places on Earth) as well as dropped the ‘Puhah’ a type of virus and he decided to end the Human existence .
When this matter came to know to the ‘Thakran’ She said
to Thakur that finishing the existence of human a our creature would only harm us, human are our creature, they are our children and I’ll talk to ‘Litah’ (Maragburu) with regards . Thakran said we both together will show the right path to human.
Belboron bonga santhali worship
Santal People worshiping Belboron

That time, Marangburu was used to live in Earth. After  talking to him with this regards, Thakran called him to Serishimapuri(Place where God lives) from Earth . She told him that Human has got into the path of sin which is why Thakrain is about to end the existence of Human.  It is message from Thakur that we both(Thakur and Thakran) take away the Kaspap(a kind of ornaments and dress) to  Earth and Human to praise us by singing and dancing ‘Dasai’, Take away vermilion in my name and roam around the villages .

She told them to take away the ‘Sapap’(Ornaments and  dress)  and bangles in her name and for the Thakur they must take away  the Sapap and Lipur (For leg) and Pegon(a kind of small bell) and peacock’s feather  in his name .Thakran told some people to wear her  ‘Sapap’ and some to wear  Thakur’s  ‘Sapap’  and then praise them by dancing dasai  around the village . By doing so Thakur will be happy and he’ll be believed that human has started get into righteous path, then he will not end the existence of human. Thakran also said to Marangburu that he will also tell the other 12 bongas to go to Earth, who are skillful at their own field, they are 1.Dhorom guru Bonga – God of religion and money, 2.Kamru bonga – God for health,3. Bhuwag Guru Bonga – God of dance and music etc. 4.Thakran told to let these Bong roam out through the villages the so that it will vanish the puhah( virus)causing diseases in the villages to save the existence of Humans . Human will learn about the medicine, cure and religion by these bongas . Thakran also told to praise them by establishing the relation between Guru and disciple, 
Santal woship festival
Master teaches their disciple about traditional natural music

Santal gathers at Akhra
A week before the Belboron in the village and Master and disciple gather at Akhra
where Master teaches about tradition natural method of medicine .

Santal Dasai enej dance
Santals praise the Thakur and Thakran through dasai dance and song

Belboron woship santal indigenous
Woman while washing the feet to respect the Man who
dances and sings dasai

Belboron worships
Master while worshiping in house for peace and happiness

Thakran further said that he will be revealed in 6th day of Dasai chando(Santal month of Dasai) to Monchopuri  along with Gurubongas . Santal adivasi worships Belboron in this day where 1. Dhorom guru bonga,  2.Kamru bonga,  3.Bhuwag bonga,4. Kansha guru bonga,5. Chemey guru bonga,6. Sidh guru bonga, 7.Sido guru bonga,8. Rohod guru bonga,9. Gaanddu guru bonga,10. Bhairo guru bonga,11. Narsing guru bonga, and 12.Bhedra guru bonga is being worshipped. Generally, No sacrifice is made there in Belboron bonga/worship. Only vermillion, mustard oil and water is used for worshiping. One week before the Belboron, the master and disciple create the gather in village where master teaches about the natural traditional medicine. During this, they go to forest and mountain master also teaches them recognition of natural medicine and their uses in different diseases.
From 2nd to 3rd day of Belboron, master and disciple along with Guru bonga roam around the village and dance dasai, they also visit every house and dance dasai and pray for the happiness and peace of house .

People gives donation to the master in the form of grain or corn .

In this occasion, they get funds or donation in the form of grain, corn etc or sometimes money also. In dasai, Men dresses like women and the main reason for this is to represent the Sapap(ornaments and dress) of Thakran .The 4th and last day of Belboron bonga they dance dasai in their village and the collected funds or donation(grain and corn) is used to prepare cereal and they all eat that together . In this way Belboron bonga of Santals is the worship of relation between Master and disciple which gives us message not to fall in sin and to stay walked on path of truth and religion, to make the community disease free, to preserve the traditional natural method of medicine and to preserve the folk songs,dance,nature and finally to stay happy . Protection Status