Saturday, 29 November 2014

Belboron Bonga

Belboron bonga is worshipped by Santals, according to ‘Santal Jom sim’ When human sin increased, The creator of this world made raining of fire  for 12 days and 12 nights to the  ‘Singbir’ and ‘Maanbir’ (Places on Earth) as well as dropped the ‘Puhah’ a type of virus and he decided to end the Human existence .
When this matter came to know to the ‘Thakran’ She said
to Thakur that finishing the existence of human a our creature would only harm us, human are our creature, they are our children and I’ll talk to ‘Litah’ (Maragburu) with regards . Thakran said we both together will show the right path to human.
Belboron bonga santhali worship
Santal People worshiping Belboron

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Mahmore bonga worships : Santali Celebration

Mahmore is celebrated in  villages so that the peace could be rest there and no disease could come across to the villagers . It was held at the Manjhi Than, Jaher Than and kulhi mucha( end part of the village) . The sacrificial of one goat at the Manjhi  than, Kulhi Muchah and sacrifiicial of two goat and one sheep was given at the Jaher than . In form of offerings villagers took cereal of rice and then Karam was worshipped till morning where Guru Baba and local villagers bring braches of Karam tree from forest mountain to the village and worships this . The whole night Karam was praised by Karam Guru .

In the morning, every women in the village worships  the karam. At the end of this celebration, immersion of karam takes place at any pond or river .