Santal Clans : Santali Parish

Santal Clans in different surnames

Kherwal vonsho Gelbar Khunt Parish

The Santhal have 12 clans, each divided into a number of subdivisions also based on descent, which is patrilineal. The clans are based according to the santhal myth. Pilchu Haram and Pilchu Burhi gave birh to seven sons and seven daughters who in a later stage married among temselves, thus forming a seven exogamous clans. Five more groups were formed with passage of time. A total of twelve clans is found among the santhals.

The 12 clans are Murmu, Hansda, Mardi, Soren, Hembram, Tudu, Kisku, Baskey, Besra, Chonde, Gondwar and Panwariya . Each of these clans are further divided into several sub-clans. The clans are listed below.

Hansda : The original Nij

1. Jaat Hansda 2.Sikli Hansda 3.Koda Hansda
4.Tati jhari Hansda 5.Handi Hansda 6.Kanda Hansda
7.Bin Chatom Hansda 8.Singar Hansda 9. Sada Hansda
10.Chil binda Hansda 11. Sindur Hansda 12.Sirom Hansda

Murmu : The one who restores us to tribal status

1.Jaat Murmu 3.Chopya Murmu 4.Chhapra Murmu
5.Chandna Murmu 6.Champa Baha Murmu 7.Baasho baha Murmu
8.Handi Murmu 9.Ovor Murmu 10.Tika Murmu
11.Khedowar Murmu, Bital Murmu 12.Sada Murmu 13. Kedwal Murmu
14.Samah Murmu 15.Orval Murmu 16.Haat Murmu
17.Gaad Murmu 18.Adwa Murmu

Mardi : The one who ground the horn

Jaat Mardi Sada Mardi Rut Mardi
Rotha Mardi Goda Mardi Kisand Mardi
Handi Mardi Hesel Mardi Sona Mardi
Miru Mardi Kedwar Mardi Mare Mardi
Tika Mardi Sadom Mardi Sadom Mardi
Judi Mardi Khanda Jagaw Mardi Mera Chakha Mardi
Badoliya Mardi Tarop Mardi Lunuh Mardi

Soren : The one who killed the sunbird

Jaat Soren Suich Soren Sada Soren
Jugi Soren Baarsi Soren Barchi Soren
Kada Soren Maal Soren Maad Soren
Sidup Soren Bital Soren Binda Soren
Mundu Soren Meral Jo Soren Turku Soren
Handi Soren Sipahi Soren

Hembram : The one who carries a deer

Jaat Hembram Hotil Hembram Sada Hembram
Guwa Hembram Baasiya Hembram Gidi Hembram
Kada HEMBRAM Hedem Hembram Hudu Hembram
Laaher Hembram Baade Liwit Hembram Jugi Hembram
Tika Hembram Hari Hembram Handi Hembram
Ova Hembram Sondor Hembram Sona Hembram
Geyat Hembram, Murmu Enga Haante naate gede kaante gidi hembram

Tudu : The one who killed an owl

Tu-Shankar Tudu Jaat tudu Sada Lugdi Tudu
Sannge Tudu Laat Tudu Godga Tudu
Rasca Tudu Singar Tudu Chigi Tudu
Aaagariya Tudu Buru Tudu Jugi Tudu
Sonari Tudu Ah Tudu Lukay Tudu
Haandi Tudu Aandela Tudu Kaawtiya Tudu
Barchi Tudu Besoyer Tudu

Kisku : The one who killed a kingfisher

Kikir Kisku Sada Kisku Tudaku Kisku
Jaat Kisku Samanom Kisku Sona Kisku
Bin Chatom Kisku Hurud Kisku Kada Kisku
Kisand Kisku Bonga Chatom Kisku Bital Kisku
Kiya Kisku Handi Kisku Sadom Kisku
Rapaj Kisku

Baskey : The one who made a bundle of stale rice

Jaat Baskey Laaher Baskey Barchi Baskey
Sada Baskey Maare Baskey Sona Baskey
Majhi Sili Baskey Jugi Baskey Tudku Baskey
Setah Baske Tikin Baskey Gidi Baskey
Naike khili Baskey Singar Baskey Goda Baskey
Aayup Baskey Hola Baskey Kada Baskey
Manjan Baskey Oda Baskey Tika Baskey
Bindhad Baskey

Besra : The one who carried an umbrella over his head

Jaat Besra Tika Besra Tanda Besra
Sada Besra Bayar Besra Bindad Besra
Chaatom Besra Kada Besra Kahu Besra
Sona Besra Saange Besra Gidi Besra
Bonga Besra Goda Besra Jugi Besra
Handi Besra Singar Besra Bonga Chatom Besra
Chaare Besra

Chonde : The one who killed a rough-necked Iguana

Sada Chonde Handi Chonde Tudku Chonde
Majhi Khili Chonde Tika Chonde Bital Chonde
Nai khili Chonde Haante Chonde Chandna Chonde
Kada Chonde Gidi Chonde Sona Chonde


Sada Gondwar Chandna Gondwar Gidi Gondwar
Majhi Khili Gondwar Tudku Gondwar Tika Gondwar
Nayke khili Gondwar Kada Gondwar Jaat Godwar
Sindup Gondwar Sona Gondwar Roh lutur Gondwar

Paanwariya : The one who killed a dove

Jaat Panwariya Judi Panwariya Bital Panwariya
Majhi Khili Panwariya Tudku Panwariya Chandna Panwariya
Nayke Khili Panwariya Kedwar Panwariya Ro Lutur Panwariya
Sada Panwariya Handi Panwariya Obor Panwariya

Later, Gondwar mixed up with Hansda and Chonde with Soren


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