Aam Begor - Santali Film Review

Aam Begor
Santali Film 2014

Aam Begor is a Santali Film released in 1st of October,2014 at Sidhgora Town Hall in presence of Mr .Ramdas  Soren, M.L.A from Ghatsila and Mr. Champai Soren, Minister of Jharkhand Govt .
Aam Begor is a santali word which menas 'Without You' in english.
This film is based on the story Two Young man, woman and a old man which focuses on social issue occurring between Santals . This film presented the natural living of Santals  and also the problem of young  woman named ‘Joba’ who is fighting  against poverty with his father who is drunk each time  .
With some serious dialogue this film also highlighted the issue of ‘Land,Forest and river’ of Adivasis .
There is 5 main character in lead role, They are Bubun Mardi as ‘Vikas’, Sunil Hansda(9t) as ‘Naran’ ,

Birbaha Hansda  as ‘ Joba’ and Rima Sahni as ‘ Sima’ and Jogeshwar patar as father of ‘Joba’ .

Joba who survive his life with her father against poverty, even she couldn’t continue his  study due to financial problem .
Sunil Hansda as ‘Vikas’ lives  in the same village where ‘Joba’ lives , they start liking each other.
Film  has beautifully shown the love between ‘Joba’ and ‘Vikas’ .
There is all taste of entertainment in this movie,  It has comedy, seriousness, love and natural looking and living of Santals .
Bubun Mardi is  director of this movie, he has done many films before this , also he has contributed in this movie as Editor and Director of Photography .
Ramdas Soren, MLA, JMM
Ramdas Soren, M.L.A Ghatsila

Ramdas  Soren has contributed a great to this movie, his efforts has helped this movie to be brought out to the public . Ramdas  Soren is an Member of legislative Assembly  from J.M.M Political Party of Jharkhand . There is no doubt that attempt made by Ramdas Soren has definitely brought up the Santali Films Industry.
Another side of this films, the negative role is played by Sankho Murmu as ‘Goda’ in this films , He has done a fantastic work in this movie .

D.O.P/Edit/Direction: Bubun Mardi
Writer: Biram Hansda.
Action Direction: Sunil Hansda & Sankho Murmu.
Graphics & Title animation : Ram Hembram.
Choreography: Birbaha Hansda & Kiran Soren
Lyrics: B.K Hembram,Subhash Hansda and Biram Hansda .
Singer : Subhash Hansda, Joba Kisku, B.K hembram, Sima Tudu and Mangal Hansda.
Music: Singrai Soren .
Birbaha Hansda,Aam begor santhali film
Birbaha Hansda as 'Joba'

Baghrai Mardi, President of JMM,Ghatsila - Mosabani contituency 

Co- Actors in this movie :
Palu Baskey,Padum Murmu, Raja Karmakar, Bablu Karmakar, Sarita Hansda

, Somay Murmu, Rajesh Tudu, Budheshwar Mardi, Manoj Tudu,  Saro Soren,  Kiran Soren, Malti Murmu, Abilal Soren, Smita Soren, Ram Murmu, Singo Murmu, Chatterjee,  Mr & Mrs Majhi,  Mr & Mrs Master, Padmolochan Murmu and Jojo .

we would like to rate this film 4 out 5

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