Santali books based on Grammar and History : Santali Culture

Here below, We’ve provided some list of books that is based on Santal history and grammar.
This information below can help you in finding out Santali bibliography, we’ve categorized the table into 4 catefgory which includes ‘Name’ which shows the name of books, ‘Year’ (Publishing year) , ‘Author’ which is the name of the writer or author of that particular book and ‘Description’ which gives some pre-information of that book.
We believe there is a lot book to be acknowledge here, unfortunately we couldn't find them but we are still trying and soon this will be updated with more no. of books.

Books based on Santali Grammar:

Name Year Author Description
The Santal Insurrection of 1855-57 Kalikinkar Datta N/A
Santal Samaj Sameeksha: A Study on Santal Society 1983 Dhanpati Bag A Study on Santal Society
The Santals of Jungle Mahals: An Agrarian History, 1793-1861 1984 Suchibrata Sen N/A
Dynamics of Santal Traditions In A Peasant Society 1985 George E Somers N/A
Tribal Freedom Fighters of India 1986 A.R.N Srivastava N/A
History of The Santal Hool of 1855 1989 Digambar Chakrabortti N/A
State Formation Among Tribals 1993 A.B Chaudhuri A Quest for Santal Identity

Book based on Grammar:

Name Year Author Description
A Grammar of The Santhal Language 1873 L.O Skrefsrud N/A
Materials for A Santali Grammar, I (mostly phonetic) 1922 P.O Bodding Most Phonetic
A Santali Grammar for Beginners 1929 P.O Bodding N/A
Materials for A Santali Grammar, II 1929 Mostly morphological
Ranar: A Santali Grammar in Santali. (Ol Chiki script) 1976 Guru Gomke Raghunath Murmu N/A
Tagmemic Analysis of Some Aspects of The Santali Transitive Verb 1992 Arun Kumar Ghosh N/A
Santali Basic Lexicon with Grammatical Notes 2001 Makoto Minegishi & Ganesh Murmu N/A

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