Santali Bibliography Collection : Database of Santali Literature

Santali Bibliography- Collection of Santali Bibliography with author and year of published.
Name - It is the name of book.
Year / Place - It presents the year and place of book published.
Author - It shows the writer of that particular book of bibliography.
Description -  It briefs about the book or bibliography's inside content.
N/A - It denotes that information is 'Not Available'.

# Name Year/Place Author Description
1. Framework for learning and understanding Santali in Ol chiki script 2004/ Prof. R.C Hansda N/A
2. Argument Marking in Santali Lukas Neukom N/A
3. A Santali Primer 1845/1852 Jeremiah Phillips N/A
4. An Introduction to the Santali language 1852 Jeremiah Phillips N/A
5. Santal Vocabulary 1866 Campbell N/A
6. Vocabulary of the Santali Language 1868 / London E.L Puxley N/A
7. A Grammar of the Santhal Language 1873 L.O. Skrefsrud N/A
8. Lists of words and phrases with their Santali equivalents. 1879 F.T Cole N/A
9. English-Santali Vocabulary. 1898 / Benares W. Martin
10. A Santali – English Dictionary 1899-1902 A. Campbell 3 Parts
11. English – Santali Dictionary 1905 A. Campbell Index to Santali- English dictionary
12. Santali Primer 1906 F.T Cole N/A
13. Material for Learning Santali grammer. 1922/Dumka Paul O. Bodding N/A
14. Santal Folktales 1925-29 Paul O. Bodding N/A
15. Santal grammar for beginner. 1929 Paul O. Bodding N/A
16. Material for Santali grammar II(Morphological) 1929 Paul O. Bodding N/A
17. Santali Dictionary (5 volume) 1929-36 Paul O. Bodding N/A
18. A Santali-English & English- Santali dictionary 1933 A.Campbell & R.M Macphail N/A
19. Phonemic analysis of Santali 1943 T. Sebeok Journal of the American Oriental Society 63:66-7
20. Tribal Heritage : A study of the Santals. 1949 Wesley J.Gulshaw N/A
21. Santal Sabdakos 1951 / Deoghar K.R Soren & P.C Kisku N/A
22. Campbell’s Santali-English Dictionary 1954 / Benagaria R.M Macphail 3rd Edition
23. Final Stops in Korku and Santali 1958 /Chicago Norman Herbert Zide N/A
24. The Santals 1962 C.L Mukherjee N/A
25. Santali Pravesika 1962 Doman Sahu “Samir’ N/A
26. An introduction to Santali. 1964 R.M Macphail N/A
27. The Santal: A Tribe in Search of a Great Tradition 1965 M. Orans Wayne State University Press
28. The Santali Ol Cemet script 1967 Norman Herbert Zide Languages and Areas: Studies Presented to George V. Bobrinskoy
29. A Munda Demonstrative System: Santali 1972 Norman Herbert Zide J.M.C. Thomas & L. Bernot (eds.). Langues et techniques
30. The Santals 1976 / New Delhi J Troisi a classified and annotated bibliography