Database of Santali Collection : 2nd List

Description : 2nd Part of collection Santali Bibliography with its Author name and publishing year.
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Name - It is the name of book
Year / Place - It presents the year and place of book published.
Author - It shows the writer of that particular book of bibliography.
Description - It briefs about the book or bibliography's inside content.
N/A - It denotes that information is 'Not Available'.

# Name Year/Place Author Description
1. Ranar : A Santali Grammar in Santali 1976 / Baripada R. Murmu N/A
2. Santali Language Movement 1979 B.P Mahapatra In the Context of Many Dominant Languages, Language Movement in India
3. Tribal religion 1979 J. Troisi Religious beliefs and practices among the Santals
4. Santali Self-Taught. Mecheda. 1985 S. Hembram N/A
5. Modernisation and Ritual Identity and Change in Santal Society 1986 Sitkant Mahapatra N/A
6. Santali - Hindi Sabdakosh 1988 S. Prasad N/A
7. Santal 1990 L. Majhi [Santali(-Oriya) dictionary]
8. Santal Pargana Rin Hopon Era 1990 Divyendu Tudu ‘Raska’ N/A
9. Santali – English – Japanese Wordlist 1990 / Tokyo Makto Minegishi A Preliminary Report
10. Santali: a look into morphology 1993 Arun kumar Ghosh N/A
11. Hindi – Santali SabdaKosh 1993 Doman Sahu “Samir” 2 Volume
12. Nyut ar Marshal 1995 Aditya Mitra N/A
13. The Santals 1996 T. Hembram anthropological-theological reflections on Santali & biblical creation traditions.
14. Songs of the wild birds 1997 Rudra Kinshuk A collection of Santal folk songs. Transcreated by Rudra Kinshuk
15. Hor Sereny 1998 Doman Sahu “Samir” N/A
16. Bibliography of Santali Language 1998 / Calcutta Ganesh Murmu N/A
17. Bibliography: Santali Literature. 1998 / Calcutta Gurucharan Murmu & Das Amal Kumar N/A
18. Santalia: Catalogue of Santal manuscripts in Oslo, L.O. 1999 S.S.K Soren N/A
19. Bengal district gazetteers: Santal Parganas 1999 / New Delhi L.S.S. O’Malley N/A
20. The Santals and their Ancestors 2000 D. Barka Kisku N/A
21. Causatives in Kharia, Kurux and Santhali 2000 Saloni Priya N/A
22. Santali 2001 Lukas Neukom N/A
23. Nomen/Verb-Distinktion im Santali 2001 Lukas Neukom N/A
24. Santali Basic Lexicon with Grammatical Notes 2001 / Tokyo Makto Minegishi & Ganesh Murmu Institute for the Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (Asian and African Lexicon Series No. 38)
25. Observation on Ol cemet 2002 Arun Kumar Ghosh Report of committee on Santali language,Government of West Bengal
26. Development of Santali Language 2002 Ganesh Murmu Literature and its Recognition (Language/Script Movement)
27. A Santali Grammar 2006 / Delhi Madhusudan Mishra N/A
28. Past Markers in Santali 2007 Dmitri V. Sitchinava a Typology-Oriented Approach.” Colin P. Masica (ed.)
29. “Santali.” 2008 Arun Kumar Ghosh The Munda Languages. London / New York: Routledge. [Routledge Language Family Series]. 11-98.
30. Folklore of Santal Parganas. N/A Cecil Henry Bompas Record not available of first publication,it was reprint in 2001

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