Books based on Santali Culture : Santali Literature

Santali Literature : Books based on Santali Culture

Santali literature based on santali culture
Scene of Cultural dance of Santals

Here below, we’ve tried to provide some list of Santali books being published which is based on Santali Culture specially.

Name Year Author Description
Folklore of The Santal Parganas Cecil Henry Bompas N/A
Political History of Santal Parganas : From 1765 to 1872, 2000 John Kochuchira N/A
Tribal Religions: Incorporating Religious Consultancy: Vol. 1 Dr. K.K Roy N/A
Santal Folk Tales 1925-29 P.O Bodding N/A
Tribal Heritage: A Study of The Santals 1949 Wesley J Culshaw N/A
The Santal Khuts - Contribution to Animistic Research 1960 Johannes Gausdal N/A
The Santals 1962 C.L Mukherjee N/A
The Santal: A Tribe in Search of A Great Tradition 1965 M Orans N/A
Tribal Religion: Religious Beliefs and Practices Among The Santals 1979 J Troisi N/A
Report on The Condit. of The Sonthals in Dist. of Birbhum 1981 M.C Mcalpin N/A
The Tribes and Castes of Bengal 1981 H.H Risley N/A
To Be With Santals: Government of West Bengal 1982 Ujjwal Kanti Ray N/A
The Santal Religion and Rituals 1985 A.B Chaudhuri N/A
Saontal Samaj, Daini O Bartaman Sankat - The Society of Saontal 1985 Asit Baran Choudhury N/A
Studies in Santal Medicine and Connected Folklore 1986 P.O Bodding N/A
Modernization & Ritua 1987 Sitakanta Mahapatra Oxford University Press, Incorporated
Sari-Sarna : Santhal Religion 1988 P.C Hembram N/A
Santhali - A Universal Heritage 1991 P.C Mitra N/A
The Santals 1996 Dr. T Hembrom N/A
The Santhal Women - A Social Profile: Sarup & Sons 1996 Chaturbhuj Sahu N/A
The Santals: Crises of Identity and Integration 1998 Suchibrata Sen N/A
Human Encounter: The Santhals in A Spider's Clutch and Other Stories 1999 Somesh Dasgupta N/A
The Santals and their Ancestors 2000 D. Barka Kisku N/A
Traditions and Institutions of The Santals 2001 P.O Bodding N/A
Tribal Religion and Rituals, : Accounts of Superstition, Sorcery and Spirits 2001 Mary D Mahapatra N/A
Santhal Worldview 2001 Nita (Ed.) Mathur N/A