RASCA : Pandit Raghunath Murmu Academy of Santali Cinema and Art

Rasca is a cine academy which stands for Pandit Raghunath Murmu Academy of Santali Cinema & Art . In Santali language Rasca is meant for ‘joy’. main motive is to promote Santhali cinema but we organise the award ceremony to coincide with pundit Raghunath Murmu’s birth anniversary . This academy goals to promote Santali Films and albums in upbringing them to get recognization of Film’s actors, actors, Director, Choreographer etc

by felicitating them with Awards, Certificates, trophies and Cash in different category . This category includes Best Actor and Actress, Best Film, Best Choreography, Best Music, Best Story , and so more . Classes are provided to the students in acting & dancing primarily along with technical education of film equipments, guest lectures are also arranged. Surya Singh Besra, the director of RASCA announced the launch of santali film awards, at a meeting held on February 3, 2008 Rasca has been organized its award ceremony in 2008, and 2nd Award ceremony was not organized after a gap of 2years, actually in 2009 due to parliamentary Elections & In 2010 it was due to inadequate number of Films for nominations which broke the continuity of organizing RASCA award ceremony each year .
The first RASCA Award Ceremony was held in May, 5th, 2008 at XLRI Auditorium, Jamshedpur . And 2nd RASCA Award ceremony was organized in 2011 after a gap of 2year, which seemed the starting point of continuity , for organizing the award ceremony each year. The award programme took place at Michael John Auditorium, Bistupur,Jamshedpur . 3rd Rasca award ceremony was organized in 5th May, 2012 at Birsa Munda Town Hall,Sidhgora .
To see the details of all RASCA award ceremony with Award winner name please click on the below link in order to proceed :

1st Rasca award 2nd Rasca Award 3rd Rasca Award 4th Rasca Award