Rasca Cine Award 2008 : Santali Film Fare Award

RASCA CINE AWARD 2008 - The First Santali Film Fare Award.

Pandit Raghunath Murmu Academy of Santali Cinema and Art so called RASCA 1st Santali Film Fare Awards a great initiative step taken by RASCA which promotes Santali Cinema and Art. RASCA organized the first Santhali film award on May 5, 2008 at XLRI Auditorium, where noted actors, actress and director of the Santhali film industry got honoured . It was maiden attempt by RASCA and TATA Steel, The chief guest of the event were HRD minister of Jharkhand, Bandhu Tirkey who did not turn up for the event, The programme started behind the pre-scheduled time . It seemed to be come out of lack of preparation in the event .

Surya Singh Besra, Director of RASCA said that this event not only promotes the Santali Film but also it gives the platform for Film Artist to show their talent in Santali Films . Besra also pointed that Santali Films,Language & Culture is yet to be brought out . No such works has been done on Santali Film, Language, Culture that emphasize it in order to development of this . Even negligence attitude by the Government of Santali Language & Culture must not be there, this is why RASCA do this works on his self-potential.

Rathin Kisku performing at RASCA Cine Award 2008 in XLRI Auditorium, Jamshedpur
Rathin Kisku performing at RASCA Cine Award 2008 in XLRI Auditorium, Jamshedpur

About 10 cultural performance held in this event but specially Rathin Kisku and his team put the glamour and energy to this event.

However this event can’t be taken easily because of its moral value and concept for Santali Films . Though, this event could not end up with level decided by itself where it should be but it marked on Santali History by organizing such event with strong will and also this event became the starting point of All Santali Film Fare award which is the best thing all should know . Gradually the starting of Santali Film fare or Cine Awards took up the level of Santali Films and also it attracted and the Santali Film Artist .

Surya Singh Besra, Director of RASCA

This Santhali Film Fare Awards honoured artistes in five categories and in two videos and feature films. The best actress award went to Birbaha Hansda.

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