RASCA Award 2011: Santali Film Fare and Cine Award

RASCA CINE AWARD 2011 2nd Santhali Film Fare Award

RASCA (Pandit Raghunath Murmu Academy of Santhali Cinema and Art) organized Second Santali Film Fare award which feted Michael John Auditorium, Bistupur, Jamshedpur The Pandit Raghunath Academy of Santhali Cinema and Art, a socio-cultural organisation, will soon promote Santhali culture and tradition through the film awards. The socio-cultural outfit organised the second Santhali Filmfare Awards on May 5,2011, on the birth anniversary of Raghunath Murmu, the founder of the Ol Chiki script.

15 artists from Santali Film were felicitated at Michael John Auditorium. The introduction of the pleasant evening in the auditorium was inaugurated by the Chief Guests who garlanded the portrait of Pandit Raghunath Murmu and with the lightened the lamp. Prof. Digambar Hansda, Santan Hansda, C.R Majhi, Dr. Chhote Hembram, Nandu Murmu and RASCA’s director Surya Singh Besra were starring as guest of this event.

Surya Singh Besra, Director of RASCA, while elaborating plans said that we have decided to promote artistes from the film industry in Jharkhand. Though the film industry in Jharkhand may not be as huge as its Hindi or other regional counterparts, we want to give artistes their due recognition.

Besra also pointed that even though 10 years have passed since Jharkhand was born, the state lacks a film development corporation and a Santhali Sahitya Akademi. Since the government has been incapable of doing so, we have taken up the task. “ One of the outfit’s objectives is to produce documentaries that depict tribal lifestyles, history and preservation of culture. It also aims to popularize Santhali, conduct talent hunts and hold film festivals” Besra added.

Besra said while addressing the audience in the auditorium that in the Jharkhand state, the number of Santali language speakers are more than 29 million. Government must take care of development of Santali Language and Films.

Professor Hansada in his address while highlighting on the life of Guru Gomke Raghunath Murmu said that Guru Gomke is only a person whose birthday is celebrated twice a year. First is according to the birth and second of full moon. In fact, people like Pandit Murmu need to be born twice.

The awards in this event were divided into two category: Video and Feature Film

Various dance group participating in this award ceremony presented cultural dance. Baha Mai Dance Group and Asra Dance Group presented the song. Famous Santali Singer Rathin Kisku’s performance made the audience to dance for sure.

There was 18 category in this award ceremony which is as follows below : RASCA 2011 Award Winner :

Catergory Winner
Best Santali Movie Jiwi Juri –Feature Film
Best Film Director Babul Murmu – Sibil Sagai
Best Feature Director Ajay Routare – Jiwi Juri
Best Actor Prem Mardi – Supur Supur
Best Actress Bharti Banerjee – Jiwijuri
Best Villain Pargana Hopon –Gharanj
Best Comic Actor Hay Re Ari Chali
Best Supporting Actor Tika Ram Hansda – Ansh
Best Supporting Actress Ganga Rani Thapa – Sibil Sagai
Best Playback Singer(male) Soiba Sughit Hansda –Hay Re Ari Chali
Best Playback Singer(Female) Soro Murmu – Poran Porai
Best Lyricist Upen Hansda – Poran Porai
Best Music Guru and Sanjit – Poran Porai
Best Camera Sanjit Soren –Poran Porai
Best Cameraman(Feature) P.Satya –Jiwi Juri
Best Feature Film Jiwi Juri
Best Story Rupen Mardi –Sibil Sagai
Best Child Artist Babu Sonu Tudu -Ansh

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