Johar is India's Leading tribal website that works for "Santali" to ensure our Language,Culture & Musics reach Our Full Potential,  like another tribes in India ,Santali has never been promoted and is yet to be seen and understood  . We provide unprecedented connections and reach to promote our Language,Culture throughout the world .
The evolution of Internet has opened great doors for "Santali" to be brought up to make the most of this new digital dynamic .
Our role is to assist this in successfully uplifting this most enriched tribe in India .
This website has collection of more than 1000+songs and also a huge datafront of Santali Content in form of Mp3,Videos,ebooks . To promote the Santali Language & ol chiki, E-disom also developed and still working on an Online Learning System for Santhali language and Ol chiki script on Demand of need that came from across the world, now at present  more than 500+ people from all over the world are learning the Santhali Languae & Ol chiki . This website promotes the digital entertainment and knowledgebase of Santali Contents to all over the world and here it becomes the only Online Publisher and Tech development website for Santali .


E-disom has set its sites specifically on the emerging digital distribution platforms which we believe are the future of  Santals.  Below is some list of content of our site .