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4th RASCA award 2013 : Santali Film Fare Award

Rasca Cine Award 2013 Fourth Santali Film Fare Award

This year 2013 Santali film again came to highlight with glamour. RASCA( Pandit Raghunath Murmu Academy of Santali Cinema and Art) organized award fillip for Santali Films on 5th may,2013 at XLRI auditorium,Jamshedpur . This award ceremony has been organized on the birth occasion of Guru Gomke Raghunath Murmu, inventor of Ol chiki script . There can be no better birth anniversary tribute to Pandit Raghunath Murmu — founder of Ol Chiki script — than a formal recognition to Santhali films and literature. Rasca’s member hit the bullseye while hosting their forth edition of RASCA award Tata XLRI auditorium to promote,celebrate the indigenous film in Jharkhand .
rasca award 2014 Artist perfoming at XLRI auditorium,Jamshedpur

The evening coincided with the 109th birth anniversary of tribal icon Pandit Raghunath Murmu on this day .
To grace this occasion as chief guest Shyam Sundar Hansda , IPS and Additional DGP of Odisha was there . The award ceremony started with the religious and cultural song and with floral tribute to Guru Gomke Pt. Raghunath Murmu .
rasca film award 2013 Cultural Perfomace at RASCA award
About 2,000 people across the state shown their presence and attended this award ceremony . 11 Santali films were on race of Rasca Award 2013 in 16 categories including Best film, director, actor, actress . Among the contending movies, two were shorts. Films from Jharkhand, Odisha and Bengal made the cut.
C.R Majhi, President of Akhil Bharitya Jharkhand Party headed the five member jury who judged the winners . Winners were felicitated by trophy, a certificate and cash prize. Sunday evening also witnessed colourful folk dance performances by Bengal and Odisha artistes.
Surya Singh Besra, Director of RASCA said “We have decided to encourage more artistes from the film industry in Jharkhand. Our film industry may not be as big as the Hindi or other regional ones, but we have decided to give the artistes their due recognition through these awards” For promoting the Santali Films Winners of Sahitya Akademi awards from the state were aslo felicitated. Authors such as Rabindranath Murmu, Pitambar Hansdah and Bhogla Soren received their well-deserved honours.

“Our main aim is to promote Santhali cinema. However, we thought of felicitating authors also since they have earned a name for Jharkhand,” said Sankar Hansdah, one of the organising members of RASCA. Also there has been some special jury award .

4th Rasca Award 2013 winner :
Best Santali MovieAminj Dular Meya (Production House-Sagen Films)
Best DirectorRaju Raaj Biruily (Aminj Dular Meya)
Best ActorLakhan Soren (Aminj Dular Meya)
Best ActressSonam (Aminj Dular Meya)
Best VillainVinod Soren (Sontok)
Best Comic ActorSrimat Mandi (Aminj Dular Meya)
Best Child ActorNO Nominations
Best Supporting ActorRaju Raaj (Aminj Dular Meya)
Best Supporting ActressRiya (Juwan Mone)
Best Playback Singer (Male)Dushasan Mahato (Aminj Dular Meya)
Best Playback Singer (Female)Geeta Baskey ( Juwan Mone)
Best LyricistDushasan Mahato (Aminj Dular Meya)
Best MusicGovinda & Firoz (Lugu Lumang)
Best StoryKrish Sharma & Krishna (Jiwi Gaate)
Best EditingPankaj Murmu (Jiwi Gaate)
Best ChoreographerVishnu Charan Tudu (Juwan Mone)
Best CinematographyRaja & Tarak (Juwan Mone)
Best Short Film 1Sari Sohray (Saheb)
Best Short Film 2Kumbru Kate Aatkar Kedam (Ramswaroop Soren)

Special Jury Award
Dashrath Hansda (Dosar Jonom)
Twinkle Soren (Aminj Dular Meya)
Rupa Hansda (Jiwi Gaate)
Mansingh Majhi (Lugu Lumang)
Munna Hembrom (Jiwi Gaate)

3rd Rasca Cine Award Ceremony : Santali Film Fare Award

RASCA Cine Award 2012 3rd Santali Film Fare Award

Santali film fare award 3rd RASCA award ceremony, Birsha Munda Town Hall,Jamshedpur Pandit Raghunath Murmu Academy of Santali Cinema and Art(RASCA) organised its  3rd Santali Cine award ceremony  which held on 5th May,2012 at Birsa Munda Town Hall,Sidhgora,Jamshedpur . Every year Rasca celebrates this ceremony which goals to promotes Santali Film and Language,Literature by felicitating awards to artist . During this, the award was categorized into 16 different category where artist from Santali Film Industry got felicitated .

In Ceremony, Best Film award went "Amge Sari Dulariy" , this film was from Bindu Chandan

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RASCA Award 2011: Santali Film Fare and Cine Award

RASCA CINE AWARD 2011 2nd Santhali Film Fare Award

RASCA (Pandit Raghunath Murmu Academy of Santhali Cinema and Art) organized Second Santali Film Fare award which feted Michael John Auditorium, Bistupur, Jamshedpur The Pandit Raghunath Academy of Santhali Cinema and Art, a socio-cultural organisation, will soon promote Santhali culture and tradition through the film awards. The socio-cultural outfit organised the second Santhali Filmfare Awards on May 5,2011, on the birth anniversary of Raghunath Murmu, the founder of the Ol Chiki script.

Rasca Cine Award 2008 : Santali Film Fare Award

RASCA CINE AWARD 2008 The First Santali Film Fare Award

Pandit Raghunath Murmu Academy of Santali Cinema and Art so called RASCA 1st Santali Film Fare Awards a great initiative step taken by RASCA which promotes Santali Cinema and Art . RASCA organized the first Santhali film award on May 5,2008 at XLRI auditorium , where noted actors, actress and director of the Santhali film industry got honoured . It was maiden attempt by RASCA and TATA steel, The chief guest of the event were HRD minister of Jharkhand, Bandhu Tirkey who did not turn up for the event, The programme started behind the pre-scheduled time . It seemed to be come out of lack of preparation in the event .

Surya Singh Besra, Director of RASCA said that this event not only promotes the Santali Film but also it gives the platform for Film Artist to show their talent in Santali Films . Besra also pointed that Santali Films,Language & Culture is yet to be brought out . No such works has been done on Santali Film, Language, Culture that emphasize it in order to development of this . Even negligence attitude by the Government of Santali Language & Culture must not be there, this is why RASCA do this works on his self-potential.

Rasca 2008 Rathin Kisku Performing at Rasca Cine award 2008 in XLRI auditorium, Jamshedppur

About 10 cultural performance held in this event but specially Rathin Kisku and his team put the glamour and energy to this event .

However this event can’t be taken easily because of its moral value and concept for Santali Films . Though, this event could not end up with level decided by itself where it should be but it marked on Santali History by organizing such event with strong will and also this event became the starting point of All Santali Film Fare award which is the best thing all should know . Gradually the starting of Santali Film fare or Cine Awards took up the level of Santali Films and also it attracted and the Santali Film Artist .
Surya Singh Besra Surya Singh Besra, Director of RASCA

This Santhali Film Fare Awards honoured artistes in five categories and in two videos and feature films. The best actress award went to Birbaha Hansda

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RASCA Awards 2014 : Santali Cine Award

RASCA Cine Award 2014 : Santali Film Fare Award
Rasca Santali Cine award 2014
        Cultural Dance at Rasca

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RASCA : Pandit Raghunath Murmu Academy of Santali Cinema and Art

Rasca is a cine academy which stands for Pandit Raghunath Murmu Academy of Santali Cinema & Art . In Santali language Rasca is meant for ‘joy’. main motive is to promote Santhali cinema but we organise the award ceremony to coincide with pundit Raghunath Murmu’s birth anniversary . This academy goals to promote Santali Films and albums in upbringing them to get recognization of Film’s actors, actors, Director, Choreographer etc

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The evolution of Internet has opened great doors for "Santali" to be brought up to make the most of this new digital dynamic .
Our role is to assist this in successfully uplifting this most enriched tribe in India .
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E-disom has set its sites specifically on the emerging digital distribution platforms which we believe are the future of  Santals.  Below is some list of content of our site .

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Sido-Kanhu : Gallery Pics