Friday, 25 July 2014

Ero Bonga : Santals Worship for Crop

Ero Bonga/Worship


After sprinkling the seeds(Specially paddy and Kharif crop) Santal Indigenous people celebrate the "Erok Puja" on Jaher Than.They give sacrifices of cock.They pray for Good Crop,Adequate Rain in Time from Marang Buru,Jaher Era,Dhorom Gosai,Haram Gosai,Moreku Turuyku etc Boga(God).They also pray for those cow,ox etc good health.

Santals while worshiping

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Kalpana Hansda : Best of Kalpana hansda song

Description: Johar user ! Here you can get the song of Kalpana Hansda a most popular singer in Santali Film Industry , Kalpana Hansda is a Santali Singer who mostly sings Santali traditional songs as well as she's has acted in many Santali Albums . Also she has performed in many Santali Cultural event . These days, as she has become a very popular singer among Santals she's become a tradition face of Santals in singing Traditional songs . She has been rewarded like "Best Female Singer" at All India Santali Film Asscociation . Also recently she got the 'Most Popular Female Voice" at 'RASCA' in Jamshedpur. RASCA which stands for Pundit Raghunath Academy of Santhali Cinema and Art is an organisation which promotes Santali Films and Albums .

Friday, 4 July 2014

Santali Bapla : Marriage | Culture

The Santali name for marriage is called /Bapla/. In Santal society, marriage is one of sacred event of life and marriage adds up considerable respect in society. However, there are some traditions and customs need to be strictly followed in doing so. It is strictly forbidden for any Santal to marry within his or her own sept (Parish). He can marry into any other septs or sub-septs to which his/her mother belonged. There are some septs, which never intermarry with another in consequence of some ancient feuds between them. For example, A Hansdak' male or a female never marries a Murmu female or male respectively. Similarly, a Tudu male never marries a Besra female and vice versa. These customs are no longer in effective prevalent in day-to-day life of Santals. However, myths and tales associated with feud are still told among the Santals. Girls are married as adults mostly to men of their own choice. In Santal marriage, there is no restriction of age. The bride may be younger, older or of equal age with bridegroom. There are two types of marriage practiced by Santals- the marriage arranged by Raibar (match maker) is the regular form of marriage. Couple themselves arranges the other forms of marriages.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Descendants of Sido Murmu : Santal 'Hul' Revolt

Descendants of Sido Murmu

Descrendants of Sido Murmu