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Jhipir Jhipir Santali album cover

Description: This is a modern Santali Album ' Jhipir Jhipir', the main attraction of this album is that the songs in this album is sung by famous Santali Singer Kalpana Hansda a great dong song singer whose contribution in uplifting of Santali films and entertainment is really appreciable . Also Kalpana Hansda is starring in this video album .

Writer:V.N Hansda
Music: Swarup and Shyam
Singer: Kalpana Hansda, V.N Hansda
Artist:  Manjula, Surujmuni, Jotsna, Kusal, Milan, Kalpana Hansda, V.N Hansda.
Year of Publication: 2010
Publication House: Maity

ae gaate Bir buru
Dobol Kayinj.mp4
Dular Renang.mp4
Jhipir Da.mp4
JHipir Jhipir .mp4
Joba Mali.mp4
Kiya Buru.mp4
Oh Dulariya.mp4

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