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Tetang Jiwi Aas re - Santhali Album Mp3

 Tetang Jiwi Aas re- Santali Album Mp3

tetang jiwi aas re santali album

Description : Tetang Jiwi aas re is a santhali album, we're sorry that we couldn't provide you the year of releasing this album, although you can listen the song by just clicking on below link . This album was produced by "Choice ",Kolkata.                

Writer :Budhray Hembrom, Fathere Micle Hansdak, Birendra Hembrom.
Music : Xmas Maradni, Hemant, Kujur .
Singer : Stephen Tudu, D. Marandi, Xmas Marandi.
Artist : Deepak Hembram, Suchita Tudu, Merinila Tudu, Ravi Soren,
Year of Publication :2009
Publication House : Choice

Do you know about the Santali festivals ? Do you know about 'Sohray' please click on this link to get know about Sohray Festivals. Sohray is very popular Festival among Santal .

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